Protecting the Cornish coast

Mike Simmonds at Trevose Head

Mike Simmonds heads up the Ranger Team at North Cornwall’s newly acquired Trevose Head. He’s making it a place for wildlife to flourish and people to enjoy. With your support, we can protect more coastal sites like this across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Thanks to generous donations and gifts in Wills, we’ve recently been able to purchase the famous headland, Trevose Head.

Mike and his team are now responsible for protecting the area’s natural beauty for everyone to soak up. Mike’s excitement is clear to see.

" Today we all have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make Trevose Head one of the most accessible and significant sites in the UK to see coastal species including brown hares and peregrines. The impact on future generations is priceless"
- Mike, Lead Ranger at Trevose Head, Cornwall
Trevose Head, a dramatic piece of coast in Cornwall
View of Trevose from the west

But, there’s a lot to do first. A major challenge is the care and repair of footpaths. As you can imagine, without this work valuable habitats are in danger of being trampled. We're already well underway with a progamme of fnece, hedge and gate repairs

Trevose Head is home to many bird species including the Peregrine Falcon
Rare peregrine falcon on Trevose Head rocks

Mike and the team are getting there and the land is now managed with no chemical input. In North Cornwall, the coastline is everything. For centuries, the sea has been at the centre of Cornish life and the work the Trevose Head ranger team is doing enables that to continue for young and old. Mike wouldn’t have it any other way.

'Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing folk take in the dramatic view from the headland or discover the pleasures of the area. These are memories that will never fade,' says Mike.