Tudor links in Wales

Boy turning a spit in the kitchen at Tudor Merchant's House, Pembrokeshire

Visit the Tudor Merchant's House or Ty Mawr Wybrnant in Wales and you'll get a glimpse into what life was like in Tudor times.

Tudor Merchant’s House, Pembrokeshire 

Tenby had a busy sea trade during Tudor times. The merchant who lived at the Tudor Merchant’s House traded in cloth, vinegar, sea coal, pots and spices.
The merchant may have witnessed the flight of Henry Tudor – later Henry VII – and his uncle Jasper Tudor by ship from Tenby during the Wars of the Roses. Jasper had his power base at nearby Pembroke.

Ty Mawr Wybrnant, Conwy

An unassuming 16th century farmhouse in the Conwy Valley, Ty Mawr Wybrnant was the birthplace of Bishop William Morgan, the first person to translate the Bible into Welsh and give the Welsh people access to biblical teachings.
The first edition appeared in 1588, before the King James Bible, with a revised version published in 1620 which continues to be used in Wales today.