Ghosts of the South West

The South West has some spooky residents and places to visit. Find out the tales behind these supernatural hot spots.

Buckland Abbey, Devon, is said to be haunted by Sir Francis Drake

Is Buckland Abbey haunted by the doomed spirit of Sir Francis Drake? 

Did the man who defeated the Armada really sign a pact with the Devil at Buckland Abbey, Devon? And does his ghost still lead a supernatural horde?

The south shore on Brownsea Island, Dorset

Spooky stories on Brownsea Island

Like many National Trust places, Brownsea Island has had its share of ghostly sightings. Here are some of those spooky tales from staff and visitors past and present.

Close up of a gargoyle at Lacock Abbey

Gargoyle spotting at Knightshayes

If you thought it was safe at Knightshayes with it's lack of resident ghosts, you'd be wrong. See how many gruesome gargoyles and gnarly grotesques you can spot adorning the gothic Victorian house.

Many ghostly happenings have been reported at Dunster Castle, Somerset

Phantom soldiers and a terrifying presence at Dunster Castle

Floating lights, strange apparitions and skeletons found chained together in the dungeon at Dunster Castle, Somerset.

David Suchet at Greenway Boathouse for the filming of Dead Man's Folly

Greenway and 'Dead Man's Folly'

As Agatha Christie's holiday home, Greenway inspired a murder mystery or two. Find out about the places at Greenway which feature in her story 'Dead Man's Folly,' and how true to life it is.

 Visitor on the rocks at Morte Point, North Devon

Wreckers at Mortehoe 

Beneath its beautiful exterior, Mortehoe hides a dark past of terrible treachery, murder most foul and ghostly goings on. This was the domain of the notorious wreckers, who would lure ships onto the rocks, drown survivors and steal their cargo.