Ghosts of the South West

We've got some supernatural residents in the South West.

Buckland Abbey, Devon, is said to be haunted by Sir Francis Drake

Haunted by the doomed spirit of Sir Francis Drake 

Did the man who defeated the Armada really sign a pact with the Devil at Buckland Abbey, Devon? And does his ghost still lead a supernatural horde?

Brownsea island south shore

Spooky stories on Brownsea Island

A creaking branch, a snapping twig, or one of Brownsea's past inhabitants?

The Pantheon seen from across the lake in the winter at Stourhead, Wiltshire

A spooky Stourhead story

There's a spooky story about Stourhead... are you brave enough to read it?

Finding Fred the Ghost at Overbeck's in Salcombe, South Devon

Fred the friendly ghost at Overbeck's

Who will be the first to find Fred?

Arlington Court house lit for a special event

Ghosts at Arlington Court

Find out what goes bump in the night at Arlington .... if you're brave enough!