Walking in Cambridgeshire

Why not explore Cambridgeshire on foot with one of our downloadable walks? Discover the fenland waterways and witness the stunning nature that this area has to offer.

Ready for his walk

Anglesey Abbey Dog-walking trail, Lode, Cambridgeshire

The Anglesey Abbey Dog Walking Trail is a pleasant short, but varied walk exploring the countryside near Anglesey Abbey and the local village of Lode.

Autumn House

Beyond Anglesey Abbey walk, Lode, Cambridgeshire

Explore the countryside beyond the beautiful gardens of Anglesey Abbey. Wander along peaceful waterways, explore Quy Fen and enjoy the vast open skies of the Cambridgeshire Fens.

View across Houghton Meadows on the Houghton Meadows walk

Houghton Mill - Houghton Meadows walk, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Follow this circular walk across the water meadows and over the Ouse valley landscape as you discover the history of the local area.

Exterior view of Houghton Mill on the River Ouse

Houghton Mill and Godmanchester walk, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Head off through a watery landscape in search of lost mills on this eight mile walk through the delightful landscape of the Ouse valley.

River Great Ouse at St Ives Cambridgeshire

St Ives and The Hemingfords walk, Houghton Mill, Cambridgeshire

On this walk through the delightful Ouse valley landscape, discover the history of the charming market town of St Ives, returning through the unspoilt villages of The Hemingfords.

Octavia Hill Birthplace Museum Wisbech from an old postcard

Octavia Hill Wisbech heritage walk, Peckover House, Cambridgeshire

Take a relaxing stroll around the north and south Brinks area of Wisbech, where Octavia Hill was born.

Wicken fen  - Mere landscape

Wicken Fen Adventurers Trail, Cambridgeshire

A three-mile walk exploring new areas of wetland habitat, reedbed and the mere.

Wicken Fen - Walkers on the boardwalk trail

Wicken Fen Boardwalk Trail, Cambridgeshire

A short walk around Wicken's ancient Sedge Fen, a unique remnant of un-drained fenland.

Wicken Fen - Cycling

The Lodes Way, Cambridgeshire

Discover the beauty of the Cambridgeshire fens on a 8 mile cycle ride from Wicken Fen to Anglesey Abbey.

Wicken Fen - Swans along Wicken Lode

Wicken Fen - Monk's Lode and Wicken village walk, Cambridgeshire

Enjoy a short walk along beautiful Monk's Lode returning via Wicken village. In summer look out for Kingfishers and dragonflys, and wildfowl and short-eared owls in winter.

Buzzard in flight

Wicken Fen Octavia Hill Trail, Cambridgeshire

Stretch your legs and head out to Burwell Fen, one of the newest parts of the nature reserve.

Wicken Fen - Group cycling along the Lodes Way across Burwell Fen

Wicken Fen - Upware Cycle Route, Cambridgeshire

A mostly off-road circular route that takes you past the Five Miles from Anywhere Pub in Upware.

A view of Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve

Wicken Fen - Village Explorer Cycle Route

A circular route through villages and open countryside using minor roads, tracks and part of NCN 11.

Wimpole Estate, Cambridgshire

Wimpole archaeology walk, Cambridgeshire

An easy 1 mile walk around Wimpole, walking across land scheduled as an Ancient Monument.

Wimpole Estate, Cambridgshire

Wimpole Cobbs Wood farm walk, Cambridgeshire

This walk is a great way to explore Wimpole's farmland and learn more about the working estate, grazing pastures and some of its animals.

Chinese bridge with a dusting of snow

Wimpole Folly and woodland belt walk, Cambridgeshire

Enjoy a walk that starts at Wimpole's stable-block and takes you on an exploration of one of the largest estates in Cambridgeshire, taking in some of it's key features.

The parkland clothed in a winter frost

Wimpole Woodland Thrones Walk, Cambridgeshire

Take a leisurely stroll across Wimpole Estate and through the woodland belts where you'll discover a few rustic thrones overlooking some glorious views. The giant chairs have all been made by our Forestry team from oak trees grown on the Estate.