Commemorative Trees at Blickling Estate

Sunlight streaming through a Plane tree

The Commemorative Tree Scheme is a popular way to celebrate someone irreplaceable or mark an unforgettable moment, the birth of a child, a wedding or graduation.

The Trees

The trees are normally planted in the parkland. All new trees must compliment the cultural and historically significant landscape and so the variety of tree is decided by our skilled Ranger team. Sometimes, therefore, we need to restrict the type of tree to one appropriate to a situation.

Where possible our planted trees are harvested from natural woodland regeneration on the estate. When we need to buy them in from outside we will always ensure that they are sustainably sourced.

The trees are normally about 30-80cm high when planted. This size is ideal to give the tree the best survival and growth opportunities. They are planted in a high-quality cattle-proof tree guard to keep the trees safe and sound.Trees are normally planted where there is open access.

A veteran tree surrounded by bluebells in the park at Blickling Estate
A veteran tree surrounded by bluebells at Blickling Estate
A veteran tree surrounded by bluebells in the park at Blickling Estate


The current price to plant a commemorative tree is £400. This price includes the cost of a high-quality cattle proof tree guard to keep your tree protected, and all the subsequent maintenance e.g. weeding, staking, replacement if the tree dies and protection against damage by cattle, deer, rabbits and other animals.


We only plant trees between October and mid-March, during clement weather. We cannot plant trees when the ground is frozen, as this would damage the tree roots.
It is usually possible to accommodate occasions when the donor may wish to be present for the planting of the tree, at their convenience.

Records and Certificates

We maintain a Record of all commemorative trees at the property office. This consists of wording requested by the donor and a map of the location. We will post a copy of the relevant page and certificate to the donor. 

It is the National Trust’s policy not to allow plaques to be fixed on or near the trees.  We will however fix a tree tag to the tree guard, with its own unique identification number, so that you can locate the tree in the future.

The giver makes the gift precious

Blickling Estate was a special gift to the nation. By planting a tree here as part of two special restoration projects you can share this incredible legacy and help us ensure these significant landscape features stand the test of time.

Restoring Temple Avenue

Temple Avenue is a double avenue of trees, leading from the Doric Temple in the garden.  It was planted in the late 18th century to highlight the extent of the estate and leads towards Blickling Lodge on the edge of Aylsham. Initially it was planted with an external row of beech trees and an internal row of horse chestnut.

The inner avenue needs replanting; climate change has accelerated the impact of plant diseases such as leaf blight and bleeding canker.

We’ve chosen holm oak to replace the chestnuts. Holm oak is an evergreen tree which will provide a striking year-round impact and highlight this special avenue which links the garden to the wider parkland.

Blickling's doric temple
Blickling's doric temple
Blickling's doric temple

A new leaf of life for our ancient lime trees

Small-leaved lime trees were once abundant in a landscape long forgotten except by the first maps ever made of the British countryside. These large deciduous trees were often coppiced – cut down to ground level on a rotation – and their young shoots used as animal fodder. In fact, this species supports numerous species and the sweet-scented blossom is a pollinator-magnet! 

There are only a few remaining small-leaved lime trees at Blickling. Once coppiced, the rotation has lapsed and for more than 600 years, Blickling’s limes have been allowed to grow into the charming, multi-stemmed giants they are today, standing proud on the ancient woodland bank of the Great Wood.

In 2019 we sent away cuttings from several of the trees. With the help of the National Propagation Team we have healthy whips that, when they get a little bigger, will be ready to plant out in a continuation of the current avenue.

Next Steps

If you would like to have a Special Gift planted at Blickling, please contact the Blickling estate office for an application form, 01263 738030.

The form includes a Gift Aid Declaration. By signing this, you will enable the National Trust to claim from the Government an extra 25p for every £1 you donate – at no extra cost to you. We would be grateful if you would consider doing so.

Please note that if you would like to have a commemorative tree planted at another National Trust property, then please contact our central team, by e-mail or phone 0179 381 8569.