Explore further with Blickling's multi-use trail

Why not try out our new all-weather, multi-use trail? The route offers a 4-mile (6.5km) safe off-road path through Blickling’s beautiful historic park and farmland. It's tailored for families to explore, but it's also perfect for cyclists, walkers, runners and adapted wheelchair users to enjoy.

We're passionate about getting people outdoors and closer to nature at Blickling. Our aim is to make access to the parkland as easy as possible, and to help make people feel comfortable about heading off into the countryside.

In partnership with Sport England, Blickling Estate is part of a national project to provide multi-use trails, giving you the opportunity to explore more of the estate than ever before.

Blickling is one of Norfolk’s most iconic estates, and being one of the largest in the area has enough space to allow a variety of visitors to enjoy different activities. This project has also enabled us to improve many areas which have been under heavy use, potholed or muddy and in need of repair. 

Walk around the estate at Blickling to enjoy the landscape of Anne Boleyn's childhood
Family visitors walking around the lake at Blickling Estate, Norfolk

Access for all

Our new circular trail has been designed with materials that will now mean it can be used all year round, by a wide variety of users. So whether you're a walker, an adapted wheelchair user, a runner, a cyclist or you're pushing a buggy, we hope you'll now find it easier to explore the wider estate.

Hire a mobility vehicle and enjoy the gardens and parkland
A man in a mobility vehicle enjoying the gardens in spring

Family fun

As more families visit Blickling, it’s important we can provide a safe place for them to enjoy the wider estate too. A place that they can be active together, safe in the knowledge that they’re in a traffic free environment.

This new trail, the majority of which follows existing paths, also avoids all fast roads. The surfaces are not designed for racing road bikes with very narrow tyres, but for families looking for an easy, safe route that can get them started and build their confidence. 

Cycling is an activity that the whole family can enjoy together
A family cycling together

Discoveries to be made

So where will the new route take you? It will follow existing paths for all but 800m of its 6.8km circular route across the park towards The Beeches and around the western end of the park. It will provide a safe-off road environment throughout, by adding a new 800 metre stretch to complete the loop, keeping people off the road and inside a field beside a hedgerow. 

" I find nothing unwinds me after a hard day at work quite like hopping on my bike and giving the legs a good stretch, especially in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside. "
- Mark Aimes

 As it starts and finishes at the Muddy Boots café, there's lots of opportunity to reward yourself with a well earned treat.

Once you've completed the trail, do get in touch and let us know how you got on. You can drop us an email or share your photos on Facebook.