Explore the house at Blickling Estate

The house is now closed during the week, however, you can still take a peek inside every weekend from 12 noon until 4pm. This year we've been telling a new story in the house, exploring the connection between Blickling and the role Philip Kerr played with India's vibrant cultural history.

Step back in time...

" Thoroughly enjoyable, especially the 1930s ambience. I felt the past was allowed to speak for itself and it really did feel as if Lord Lothian could appear at any moment!"
- Visitor

From January, come and see the house in a different light

For the first time ever, the house will be open every day throughout the winter, giving more opportunities to visit.  From January 2018, we'll be inviting you to see more of the work our skilled conservation team does.

If you visit on a Tuesday or Thursday, you'll also have the opportunity to join in with a 'conservation experience' at 1pm.  This will give you a tour of the house and attics, but with a focus on conservation, showing how your money is helping us to preserve the house.

Cleaning from dizzy heights in Peter the Great room
A member of the conservation team cleaning a chandelier
Visitors talking to a volunteer about the book collection in the Long Gallery

Take a tour

Delve in to the history of the house and enjoy a unique opportunity to find out more about what happens behind the scenes. Discover more about our portraits, find out snippets of gossip about the people who lived here or explore the attics.

The Parterre Garden at Blickling Estate, Norfolk

Take a virtual tour of Blickling Hall 

Take a look around the hall and read snippets of information about each room and what to look out for on your visit.