Livestock at Blickling

Tennant farmers' cows graze freely in Blickling's fields.

Walking is a wonderful way to see the estate. Covering 4,600 acres with 950 acres of woodland and parkland and 3,500 acres of farmland, Blickling Estate is great for exploring alone, with family or your four-legged friends.

A walker’s guide to livestock on the Blickling Estate

Blickling was the first complete, working estate to be gifted to the National Trust in 1940. With rich farmland, the rotation of crops and the movement of livestock around the park still shape the natural calendar of our work today.

Having been returned from arable land, the formal park and the livestock on it constitute an important grazing scheme, the aim of which is to improve grassland biodiversity through low density grazing. The sheep and cattle eat, trample and roll on the grass, allowing less competitive plant species to become established as dominant species are reduced.

Lambs | April – October inclusive

The sheep arrive back onto the park in early April after having their lambs nearer to the shepherd’s home (so he can keep a close eye on them). The sheep are kept in lower Tower Park, to the west of the red walking route, from April to October and are surrounded by electric fencing.

Rams | November – January inclusive

The lambs are taken off the park in October, and rams are introduced for mating season. The sheep are, for this part of the year, given free reign over both lower Tower Park and the grassland between there and the lake. They need more room to do some frolicking of a different kind!

Cattle | March – October inclusive

You may have seen cattle with their calves grazing on the river meadows to the north of the estate on a recent walk. In late March we also welcome the cattle back to the park. The cows live in upper Tower and Hyde Park, and in fields dotted around the east side of the Lake walk.

The Countryside Code is a good companion to any walk in the great outdoors, but here’s a guide to what that means for you and your dog on the Blickling Estate.