Blickling Estate's way marked trails are perfect for dog walkers.

The Countryside Code is a good companion to any walk in the great outdoors, but here's a guide to what that means for you and your dog at Blickling Estate...


With over 4,600 acres to explore, Blickling's parkland is the perfect place to take your four-legged friend for a walk.

Livestock graze freely, so please keep dogs under close control at all times. We also ask that you keep your dog on a lead when in the car park, Farmyard picnic area and around the lake.

Why not finish your walk in one of our dog friendly cafés? Muddy Boots and the Farmyard offer a wide range of refreshments. 

Please note: dogs, except assistance dogs, are not permitted on the driveway, in the house, East Wing or formal garden. Please follow the Countryside Code at all times. 

What is Close Control?

We ask that all dogs are kept under close control at all times while visiting Blickling Estate. But what does close control mean?

  • Your dog has a reliable recall, and will return to you when called the first time in any situation.
  • You can clearly see your dog at all times.
  • You have a lead with you to use if neither of the above are possible, or for when you encounter livestock or vehicles.

If your dog is well trained and comes back when called, they can explore off-lead unless signs tell you otherwise. Please look out for our signs; they’re there to let you know when we have livestock in the fields or if there is sensitive wildlife. For your enjoyment and the safety of your dog we ask that you keep them on a lead in our car parks, on the Lake Walk (our most popular and busiest route) and where there is livestock.

Respect, protect, enjoy

There are dog bins in all of our car parks, so please use them to dispose of your dog’s poo. Currently we spend over two hours a week picking up bags of dog poo and we’d rather spend that time looking after Blickling. 

Blickling Estate is a fantastic place to get active outdoors and we share the park with many walkers, cyclists, runners, horse riders, mobility scooters and wheelchair users. But not everybody loves dogs – please be considerate to each other and put your dog on a lead if you think they might be disturbing other visitors.


Are you in need of some inspiration for your next walk, or would you like your dog to socialise with others while you socialise too? Join the Blickling Bounders, a dog-friendly walking group that leaves from the main car park every Monday at 10am for a ‘bound’ around the park.

When we're not bounding, keep an eye out for our park rangers in red walking in the park. We're always here to help and enjoy hearing about your walking experiences.

" Together with my golden retriever, I roam the estate and promote good dog behaviour. I hand out poo bags to those who need them or assist people finding a good walking route. We're also on hand for questions about the estate, the places to see or we simply stop to chat with those visiting. We also litter pick, have also found lost dogs and check the overall estate for anything that needs tending to, from broken fences to fly tipping."
- Claudia, Blickling Bounder

As well as being out and about, we are on the end of the phone if you have any queries about walking your dog at Blickling. Call the Countryside office on 01263 738063.

We also have a dog-friendly café at the main car park and plenty of seating in the Farmyard. Why not pop in to Muddy Boots café for a cuppa on your next visit?