Campsite plans at Blickling Estate

Children playing on a campsite
Published : 22 May 2017

The National Trust is investigating the potential to develop a campsite on former farm land at the Blickling Estate.

Helen Bailey, General Manager of the Blickling Estate said: “It’s very early days, but we’re working with a local farmer and campsite operator on plans for a possible campsite on National Trust land, and have yet to submit a formal planning application.

The neglected site as it currently stands
An old barn surrounded by muddy tracks and puddles
The neglected site as it currently stands

As with any proposal, we are keen to hear from, and work with, people living locally.  We’ve been going along to our local parish council meetings so that we’re able to take the views of our neighbours on board when formulating our plans as we work towards a planning application. 

Creating opportunities for more people to access and enjoy the countryside and land we care for is at the heart of our plans and we hope our potential future campers will grow to love this beautiful part of Norfolk as much as we do. Lord Lothian asked the National Trust to continue to generate income from the estate and use it to protect Blickling’s house, contents, garden and park for future generations to enjoy; and to ensure that we give people regular access so that they can enjoy its beauty.  We believe that this proposal takes this into account.

Through our tenant, we hope to create 10 full time jobs in a rural area, and ensure that the vernacular buildings on site are preserved for the future. Moving forward, we are committed to maintaining open and honest conversation about our plans as they develop.”