Completing the lake source heat pump project

A view of Blickling Hall across the lake
Published : 19 Oct 2016

We've been talking about our work on the Lake Source Heat Pump for some time now, however, we thought it time that we gave you a little update on where we are up to...

What is happening? 

The new power cables are currently being laid.  This means that a small trench will be dug to the double border terrace.  During October, our contractor will be digging a trench down into the moat at the front of the house.  Then we'll see the final trench dug and the remaining cabling laid.

The final works will be to convert our oil fired burners to LPG (for back up heating) and then we can start reaping the benefits of this fantastic renewable energy source.

How much noise will there be? 

Much of the digging will be done by hand due to the sensitive nature of the areas that the trenches are located in.  The electrical works will similarly be quiet and any disruptive works will aim to be carried out during closed hours.

Will areas have to be closed?  

The visitor route will remain open as much as possible with metal road plates covering open trenches on visitor paths.  The area in front of the Gardener’s Bothy and steps to the double borders will have to be closed for a short period of time to allow the hand digging to take place and keep the visitors safe. However, the double borders will still be accessible via other routes while the work is happening.

How much damage will this do to the house and gardens?    

Areas of the garden where the trench runs will be disrupted.  Even though hand digging will take longer than machinery, this will go a long way to preventing any damage to both the garden and the fabric of the house.

Why are we doing this again?  

The benefits of this fantastic project are huge. We are not only fulfilling our responsibility as a conservation charity to reduce our carbon footprint, but we will be saving thousands of pounds on heating oil which can be used for our continuing conservation work looking after our special places forever for everyone.

Celebrating the Good Energy partnership extension with decorated mugs

Some amazing facts and figures...

We will be saving 69 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, decreasing our oil consumption by over 25,000 litres, contributing 0.3% to the overall National Trust target of 50% renewables across the organisation by 2020 and heating the house and offices more consistently with ambient heat, making it a more reliable and steady heat source for the precious collection.