Ein Hoff Bethau

Yr haf hwn, roedd staff Llanerchaeron am rannu rhai o'u hoff eitemau o gasgliad Pamela Ward gyda chi. Mae chwech aelod o staff wedi dewis eu hoff eitemau a dyma nhw. Bydd eitem newydd yn cael ei harddangos yn y fila bob wythnos, ac hefyd fe fydd gyda ni weithgareddau sy'n ymateb i'r eitemau bob dydd Mercher o 12pm hyd 3.30pm.

Signed sketch pad

1. Pamela's signed sketch pad

Have a look at Pamela's art work in her own signed sketch pad. Let your imagination run wild on 26 July at our art activity in the villa. What masterpiece will you produce?

Decorative brass brooches

2. Decorative brass elephant brooches

These brass elephant brooches would have brightened any outfit. Come to the villa on Wednesday 2 August for our jewellery making activity - who knows what beautiful pieces you'll create!

Hand painted fan

3. Hand painted fan

This beautiful hand painted fan has a language all of its own. On Wednesday 9 August make your own fan and find out exactly what Victorian women used them for!

Tunbridge Ware Compass and Thermometer

4. Octagonal Tunbridge Ware Compass and Thermometer

How many adventures has this Tunbridge Ware compass and thermometer been on? On Wednesday 16 August you can discover some of the most famous adventures of the 1900s! Meet our intrepid explorers, get your map and let your curiosity guide you through the villa!

Full length silhouette

5. Silhouette of a lady

A striking silhouette of an unknown lady by Le Baron Henri Scotford. Create your own silhouette picture on Wednesday 23 August in the villa. Strike a pose and remember to keep still!

An ornate wicker basket

6. Ornate Wicker Basket

What treasures did Pamela keep in this intricate wicker basket? Try weaving your own basket on Wednesday 30 August. Do you know what you'll keep in yours?