Cornish Wrestling

Tin Coast Cornwall Botallack buildings

The ancient sport of Cornish Wrestling, still welcoming all abilities to join in today

Cornish Wrestling was a favoured sport in mining communities, and spread around the world as Cornish miners took their work and play skills abroad.

The Cornish Wrestling Association is working with clubs in the county to bring wrestling back to popularity, and give people new chances to try the sport. 

Helston Cornish Wrestling Club, with support from the Cornish Wrestling Association, will be providing drop-in sessions at Botallack as part of the National Trust's summer of sport activities in 2017.

Use the links below to find out more about the Cornish Wrestling Association and Bagas Omdowl Hellys, the Helston Cornish Wrestling Club.  There are plenty of opportunities to join in, or just go along to watch.