Getting the house in ship-shape condition

Lord Lothian's study at Blickling
Published : 16 Mar 2016

There was such a buzz around the house leading up to its re-opening at the beginning of March. The conservation team have been busy all winter getting everything ready for the start of the season. Jan Brookes-Bullen explains what changes have been made to the house this year.

The opening of a new room

We are delighted to have the addition of Lord Lothian's study to the visitor route this year.  As we have just opened it, we will be monitoring visitors reaction to it and hoping it enhances your visit.  There are more tweaks to come such as renewing chair covers and adding more photographs in the new study, but we are very excited.

We also have new interpretation boards in the Morning Room which explain our current projects on the estate and what is currently happening at some other Trust properties.  This will give you a deeper understanding as to where your National Trust membership or entry cost goes and how it is spent.


Changes around the house

We have made some small presentational changes to a few rooms, imbedding last year’s Lothian project, so if you're a regular visitor to the house, see if you can spot them.  We have also devised new exhibitions and trails for the family to enjoy, starting with our 'Postcards from the past' exhibition which will run from Easter onwards.


What not to miss

We shall be displaying our smallest porcelain items in the collection in the Long Gallery under new glass domes.  These very rarely get displayed so worth looking out for.