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Mayon Lookout and Penberth toilets will be closed as of Thursday 19th March until further notice. Please enjoy outdoor spaces, while following social distancing advice.

The south coast of Penwith vividly expresses the changes in man’s use of the land over time. From towering cliffs keeping watch over the western approaches, to gentle, lush valley slopes, and sun kissed beaches – all is here.

Sennen to Penberth

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Mayon Lookout

Mayon Cliffs, Cornwall 

Over 150,000 people walk along Mayon cliffs each year; an iconic stretch of coast linking Sennen cove to Land’s End. The countryside team are constantly working to maintain the paths and reduce the amount of erosion by completing a granite stone footpath along this 1 mile coast path. Help us continue to look after this special place and be part of a World Record.

Sennen to Penberth

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Sennen to Penberth

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