A journey through The Word Defiant!

The Word Defiant! may only be a six month temporary installation, but the concept, preparation, design and installation was a far longer process. Follow the journey through a series of videos that were filmed right through from planning and building to the installation and opening in May.

Lydia Denno, designer, standing in front The Word Defiant!

The Word Defiant! at Blickling 

The Word Defiant! was an exciting temporary art installation at Blickling in 2018 that revealed stories of books that had been banned, burned, drowned, superseded, redacted, neglected and those that remained defiant.


The concept behind The Word Defiant!

Set Designer, Lydia Denno and Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Director, Joe Hufton, talk through the ideas and the concepts behind the Trust New Art installation in the Long Gallery at Blickling Estate in Norfolk.


Building the installation

Before The Word Defiant! opened on 1 May, we caught up with Rich Morrell, Build Manager for the Les Enfants Terribles' project to find out more about his role.


Blickling's nationally important book collection

Blickling Estate has over 12,500 books in its library. Take a look at what's so important about the collection and why it so urgently needs protecting.


The making of The Word Defiant!

Find out more about the concepts behind the immersive art installation, where Les Enfants Terribles' ideas came from and how they turned into a ground-breaking exhibition for the National Trust.


The Word Burned

Take a peek at 'The Word Burned' down in the cellar at Blickling Estate - an area not usually open to visitors. When ISIS militants took control of Mosul, Iraq in 2014, they burned down its university library destroying thousands of books and manuscripts dating back to the Ottoman era. Following the liberation of the city in 2017, former students and academics saved around 2,000 volumes from the ashes of the library. Their work to restore and rebuild the library continues.


The Word Neglected

Take a peek at 'The Word Neglected' out in the garden Temple which is a portrayal of how books are lost and forgotten for many reasons, from changing popular taste to publishers going out of business. A growing movement aims to catalogue and curate neglected titles and volumes believed to be the last copy in existence. Brad Bigelow is one such custodian of forgotten texts whose blog The Neglected Books Page features thousands of books worthy of reading which have fallen out of print and out of sight.