Somerset 360 App

Brent Knoll on a summer day

Experience dramatic and expansive 360˚ views of Somerset and beyond from six hill-tops around the Somerset Levels. Did you know 5 out of the 6 are owned and cared for by the National Trust?

Breathtaking views

Somerset's 360 hills all have intriguing names, such as Tor, Mump, and Knoll and although some physical effort is required, varying from short climbs (just 5 mins to top of Burrow Mump) to longer climbs (Crook Peak), it is well worth it for the breath taking 360˚ views from their summits.

Enjoy the experience of being in stunning countryside and the challenge of ‘conquering’ all 6 at the weekend, during a few months or spread them out over a year.

Do one or more of the hills, as part of a day visit or longer stay in the area, and visit other nearby attractions.

Get the app

Have a look at the Visit Somerset page for more information or if you have a smart phone or portable device, download the app for free from your app store.

Expansive views from Brent Knoll
Views over the Somerset Levels from Brent Knoll
Expansive views from Brent Knoll