Blickling Estate needs your eyes!

The view of Blickling Estate from the air
Published : 16 Feb 2016 Last update : 27 Apr 2016

There have been some instances recently of unsightly fly-tipping on this Grade II* listed estate and now the National Trust are working in partnership with Broadland District Council and Norfolk Police to launch a campaign asking visitors to be their eyes and report any fly tipping activity they might see.

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste.

It can be liquid or solid in nature and be a single bag of waste to large quantities dumped by trucks.  It also includes garden waste whether it is bagged or not.

" Fly tipping not only poses a threat to humans and wildlife, but something as innocent-looking as garden waste can introduce harmful bacteria and invasive species into the environment. This can cause serious damage to native flora and fauna."
- David Brady, Head Ranger


A costly threat to the environment

Not only does fly tipping pose a threat to the environment, it is costly to remove.  It was calculated that a medium sized fly tip costs the National Trust approximately £200 to remove and dispose of safely and legally.  As a charity, every penny counts and we would much rather spend it on the upkeep of the estate, so that everyone can keep using and enjoying it forever.

" Sadly, our team can’t be everywhere all of the time, but we are lucky enough to have over 400,000 visitors to the estate each year. With their help, we might be able to properly protect our beautiful estate from this illegal practice."
- David Brady, Head Ranger

Can you help us?

So what should you do if you come across some dumped waste or spot anything suspicious that you believe might be fly tipping at Blickling?

‘If you witness fly tipping at Blickling or anywhere else, please don’t approach or challenge anyone or clear up the waste’ says Tony Garland (waste enforcement team, Broadland District Council). ‘We just need you to remember as much detail of what you saw as possible, especially a registration plate if possible, and report it immediately on 01603 430488.  Fly tipping can only be solved by working together and we hope that visitors to the estate will help us to keep Blickling beautiful.’

So next time you are walking around the estate, keep your eyes peeled.  You could just be the very person to protect this beautiful estate.