Exploring with your dog

Skylark chicks in nest

Whether you love a long hike up and down the coast path, a gentle stroll through the woods, or perhaps just a place to settle down and enjoy the view with a flask of hot tea, Cornwall has ample opportunity for you and your pooch. It's also home to a lot of livestock and important wildlife.

Warm sunny days bring a smile to our faces and what better than pulling on your walking boots and going for a good stomp.

In the springtime we were careful not to disturb new lambs and calves, as well as the well-hidden ground nesting birds. As the year moves on it's still good to be aware of what else lives in the places we like to explore. Maybe a late clutch of eggs are hiding in a bush or undergrowth, or perhaps one of the many UK resident reptiles are sunning themselves on a warm patch of ground. 

Oftertimes we won’t spot them until they have already been disturbed.

Help us look after the places you and your dog enjoy by following these simple guidelines. 

Take the lead

You can reduce the chance of your dog disturbing ground-nesting birds and farmers' livestock by keeping them on a short lead. Remember, if you’re approached by cattle, the safest thing to do is let your dog go and call them back when safe to do so. 

Scoop that poop

Picking up your dog’s litter keeps the area clean for everyone to enjoy. When you’re done pop it in the bin, or, if there isn’t one, take it home with you. 

Paws for thought

Are you in the right area? Sometimes we might ask you to walk somewhere else to help us protect you, the places we look after and the wildlife that lives there. Keep an eye out for signs and be extra careful on coastal and cliff top paths. 

Be on the ball

While lots of us love dogs, some of us don’t. That’s why it’s important to make sure your four-legged friend doesn’t run up to other people – especially children.