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Hambledon Hill, Dorset. The hill is a prehistoric hill fort and National Nature Reserve, situated in the Blackmore Vale, near Blandford Forum
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Statement regarding Hinemihi at Clandon Park in Surrey

Read our statement about Hinemihi at Clandon Park in Surrey.

Published : 04 Dec 2019

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Eighteenth Century farm embraces robot revolution

An 18th century National Trust farm is at the forefront of trialling the latest robotic technology that could transform the way we farm in the future.

Published : 04 Dec 2019

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Puddings, pennies and pantomimes: Are Christmas traditions on the wane?

On 1st December, the National Trust launched a social media survey to discover which traditions are losing their sparkle this Christmas.

Published : 01 Dec 2019 Last update : 03 Dec 2019

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Sissinghurst Castle Garden welcomes winter visitors for the first time

This year, for the first time, the National Trust’s Sissinghurst Castle Garden will open during winter, allowing visitors to enjoy the architectural structure and pared-back beauty of this celebrated Kent garden at a time when it has traditionally been closed.

Published : 25 Nov 2019 Last update : 26 Nov 2019

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Deck the halls and see the lights twinkle at National Trust places this Christmas

Christmas is here, and the National Trust are busy getting in to the festive spirit. Come along to see historic houses decked out for the season in the style of centuries gone by, or stroll through frosty winter gardens covered in sparkling lights and illuminations.

Published : 27 Oct 2019 Last update : 26 Nov 2019

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Hydro power helps protect first Welsh bible

One of the most important books in Welsh history is now being protected by harnessing the power of the very element that has been threatening its future.

Published : 22 Nov 2019 Last update : 26 Nov 2019

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Third-sector and heritage leaders called to collaborate to respond to climate crisis

On 6th November, senior leaders and representatives from 20 high profile charities, heritage bodies, public and private organisations came together under the shared commitment of securing a sustainable future for their organisations in response to the climate crisis.

Published : 06 Nov 2019 Last update : 26 Nov 2019

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National Trust announces first beaver reintroductions

The National Trust has announced plans to release Eurasian beavers at two sites in the south of England next spring to help with flood management and to improve biodiversity.

Published : 20 Nov 2019 Last update : 26 Nov 2019

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Rare hazel dormice prepare for winter sleep as National Trust asks public to help this endangered species

The National Trust is today calling on people to assist struggling dormice in a bid to boost numbers of the endangered species.

Published : 06 Nov 2019

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21 years on, Anglesey Abbey’s celebrated Winter Garden prepares for three-year refresh

The National Trust’s Anglesey Abbey, near Cambridge, is marking the 21st anniversary of its renowned Winter Garden by embarking on a three-year project to refresh the popular feature.

Published : 04 Nov 2019

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National Trust response to the government's fracking announcement

We have responded to the government's announcement that it is to ban fracking in England.

Published : 02 Nov 2019

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Meet the money men: Exhibition explores the rise of a banking family through their treasures

A new exhibition at Osterley House explores the meteoric rise of a banking family through the art, furniture and ceramics they collected.

Published : 01 Nov 2019

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First seal pups seen on the National Trust’s Farne Islands

The first Atlantic grey seal pups of the season have been spotted on the Farne Islands, just off the Northumberland coast.

Published : 23 Oct 2019

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Remote bird haven found strewn with elastic bands

An uninhabited island that is so remote a permit is required to visit has been littered with thousands of elastic bands – by seabirds mistakenly thinking they are worms, the National Trust said.

Published : 22 Oct 2019

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Results of AGM Cadbury resolution

The results of the resolution at the 2019 AGM calling for an end to our partnership with Cadbury.

Published : 19 Oct 2019

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National Trust to return rivers to their natural path to reduce impact of climate change, flood risk and to make space for nature

The National Trust is leading a pioneering project to revert rivers to their natural path before any human interference.

Published : 17 Oct 2019

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Historic Visitors Book at Chartwell goes digital to reveal the famous names who came to call

The National Trust has launched an interactive version of the historic Visitors Book at Chartwell, but can you help identify some of the signatures?

Published : 09 Oct 2019

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Very superstitious: National Trust calls on the public to share their tales of the nation’s rich folklore amid growing interest

The National Trust is calling for people around the UK to share their tales – from fairies who groom the beards of goats to Neolithic monuments that bathe in the sea on Midsummer’s Eve.

Published : 07 Oct 2019