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Hambledon Hill, Dorset. The hill is a prehistoric hill fort and National Nature Reserve, situated in the Blackmore Vale, near Blandford Forum
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National Trust maps out climate threat to coast, countryside and historic places

We have developed a “game changing” map that illustrates the threat climate change poses to some of its most iconic and culturally significant sites – and offers some solutions on how to tackle it.

Published : 05 Mar 2021

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National Trust and partners signal hope and healing with blossoming ambitions around the UK

A year on from the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the National Trust and partners are looking to spring blossom to help signal reflection and hope with their plans to plant blossoming tree circles in cities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland over the next five years.

Published : 25 Feb 2021

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Haircut 100: Tiny statue uncovered by National Trust archaeologists reveals a 1st century hair style.

A hair style which may have been popular in East Anglia during the 1st century AD has been revealed following the cleaning of a tiny 5cm-high figure of a deity, found by National Trust archaeologists.

Published : 18 Feb 2021 Last update : 19 Feb 2021

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National Trust launches pioneering new trial to protect precious collections from a rise in insect pests

This month, the National Trust is set to begin a groundbreaking new pest-control trial, using natural methods in a combination not previously used in a heritage setting to tackle clothes moths at the estate believed to be the birthplace of Anne Boleyn.

Published : 16 Feb 2021

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£3 million gift to National Trust secures conservation of over a hundred historic artworks

Conservation of some of the National Trust’s most significant collections has been given a huge boost thanks to a gift of £3 million from the Royal Oak Foundation. 

Published : 09 Feb 2021

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Training the countryside guardians of tomorrow as apprenticeship donations top £2m

Some of the UK’s largest conservation organsiations have joined forces to find the countryside guardians of tomorrow, as new figures show record amounts have been donated for apprenticeships.

Published : 08 Feb 2021

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Historic river valley set for revival amid threat of climate change

A pioneering project to revive an historic river valley and protect one of the world’s most significant cultural landmarks from the effects of climate change has been given the green light following a £1.4m grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Published : 13 Jan 2021

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2020 Climate change extremes result in mixed fortunes for wildlife

Extreme weather events including one of the hottest years on record has once again had a huge impact on UK wildlife in 2020 – but many species have also seen a boost due to the absence of people as a result of lockdown, the National Trust said.

Published : 22 Dec 2020

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Walkers urged to stick to paths to help reduce damage to landscapes and wildlife as social distancing increases erosion

The National Trust is asking walkers and countryside lovers for help in protecting landscapes and nature after signs that the cumulative effects of winter weather, increased visitor numbers, and social distancing is starting to cause fresh erosion and widening of footpaths at hot spots across England.

Published : 17 Dec 2020

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Seagulls, crocheted vegetables and terracotta pots: New National Trust Christmas Wreath Challenge inspires festive creativity

The National Trust is putting a new twist on the traditional wreath this festive season, with staff and volunteers across the UK creating unique wreaths as part of a new Christmas Wreath Challenge.

Published : 11 Dec 2020 Last update : 14 Dec 2020

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Nature reserve sees best breeding season for rare little terns for 25 years

One of the UK’s few remaining little tern colonies has had its most successful season for 25 years thanks to a lack of disturbance, few predators and a helping of luck.

Published : 14 Dec 2020

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National Trust archaeologists shed light on the ‘Dark Ages’ after finding Britain’s first known 5th Century mosaic

Archaeologists working at Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestershire had unexpected results from dating material uncovered during an excavation.

Published : 09 Dec 2020

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Never before seen watercolours from family of “the father of photography” Henry Fox Talbot go on display for the first time

Nearly 1,000 watercolours previously kept in storage are now available for study online thanks to new project at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire

Published : 01 Dec 2020

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First beaver dam appears on Exmoor after 400 years

Eurasian beavers released by the National Trust as part of a river restoration project have built what is believed to be the first beaver dam on Exmoor for over 400 years.

Published : 30 Nov 2020

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National Trust response to George Eustice's speech on the path to sustainable farming

Read our reaction to a speech on the path to sustainable farming made by George Eustice, the Secretary of State for the Environment & Rural Affairs, Monday 30 November 2020.

Published : 30 Nov 2020

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National Trust responds to Government's Spending Review

Read our reaction to the Government's Spending Review, Wednesday 25 November 2020.

Published : 25 Nov 2020

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Environmental groups and Monty Don write to Government calling for end to use of peat compost

Environmental charities have joined broadcaster and writer Monty Don in writing an open letter to the government calling for a ban on peat in compost in the next five years after new figures showed it would take decades to phase out at the current rate.

Published : 25 Nov 2020

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Charity attempts largest transplant of ancient and rare lichen in efforts to protect its future

The National Trust is attempting to save one of England’s rarest ancient lichens by removing it from a fallen veteran oak tree in the Lake District and transferring it to dozens of nearby trees.

Published : 20 Nov 2020