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Hambledon Hill, Dorset. The hill is a prehistoric hill fort and National Nature Reserve, situated in the Blackmore Vale, near Blandford Forum
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National Trust to return rivers to their natural path to reduce impact of climate change, flood risk and to make space for nature

The National Trust is leading a pioneering project to revert rivers to their natural path before any human interference.

Published : 17 Oct 2019

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Historic Visitors Book at Chartwell goes digital to reveal the famous names who came to call

The National Trust has launched an interactive version of the historic Visitors Book at Chartwell, but can you help identify some of the signatures?

Published : 09 Oct 2019

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Very superstitious: National Trust calls on the public to share their tales of the nation’s rich folklore amid growing interest

The National Trust is calling for people around the UK to share their tales – from fairies who groom the beards of goats to Neolithic monuments that bathe in the sea on Midsummer’s Eve.

Published : 07 Oct 2019

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Unlocking history and heritage for millions of people affected by dementia

Two of the UK’s most popular charities have today announced an ambitious three-year project to unlock some of the nation’s best loved history and heritage for millions of people affected by dementia.

Published : 30 Sep 2019

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Safeguarding Lundy’s fragile nature for generations to come

A remote island off the Devon coast that has been transformed from farmland to a rich oasis of wildlife will be protected for another 50 years when a new lease between the National Trust and Landmark Trust is signed this autumn.

Published : 26 Sep 2019

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Our response to the IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate

Read our response to the IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate.

Published : 25 Sep 2019

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Full statement on Cadbury resolution

Read our full statement on a resolution being presented at this year's AGM about our partnership with Cadbury.

Published : 23 Sep 2019

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Our response to the Glover Review

Read our response to the Glover review into the UK's National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).

Published : 23 Sep 2019

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New research shows that at least £3bn is needed for nature-friendly farming

Three of the country’s largest conservation charities have today called on the UK government to put its money where its mouth is – after new figures reveal that at least £3 billion is needed to support our farmers and land managers to help restore nature and tackle climate change on their land.

Published : 19 Sep 2019

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Woodland sounds boost wellbeing, according to new study

In a new study by the National Trust, woodland sounds have been shown to have a direct impact on our wellbeing, making us more relaxed, less stressed and less anxious.

Published : 12 Sep 2019 Last update : 13 Sep 2019

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New ‘moral dilemma’ art works respond to big game hunting trophies at historic house

5,000 ceramic rhino horns – representing the world’s remaining black rhinoceroses - have gone on show at the National Trust’s Nunnington Hall in North Yorkshire. Artist Layla Khoo has set visitors a moral dilemma, they can take one home, but it will leave fewer and fewer for others.

Published : 12 Sep 2019

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Once-in-a-lifetime chance to get close to Dutch illusionist art

Visitors to the National Trust’s Dyrham Park near Bath have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close to some of the 17th-century Baroque house’s finest paintings.

Published : 10 Sep 2019

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Jack in the box: National Trust discovers new ally in battle against box moth caterpillar

The National Trust has made a breakthrough in the battle against the destructive box moth caterpillar, giving a beacon of hope to gardeners.

Published : 09 Sep 2019

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Heather landscapes under threat due to climate change

One of England’s celebrated landscape spectacles is suffering due to climate change as the impact of last year’s hot weather and increased pest activity has turned acres of heather from glorious purple to a muddy brown.

Published : 04 Sep 2019

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National Trust reports record spend on conservation, supported by highest membership and visitor numbers

The National Trust has spent more than ever before looking after houses, gardens, coast and countryside as record numbers of people joined the charity, new figures out today reveal.

Published : 02 Sep 2019

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Cerne Abbas Giant to be given new lease of life

A giant chalk figure that is thought to have loomed large on a country hillside since the 17th century, if not longer, is being given a makeover as part of its 100th year of National Trust ownership.

Published : 29 Aug 2019

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Paintings of Petworth 'Beauties’ have their legs restored 200 years after Earl ordered them to be ‘cut off’

Paintings of two ladies of Queen Anne’s court, which were shortened 200 years ago to make more space on the wall, are being restored to their full glory by the National Trust for an exhibition at Tate Britain next year.

Published : 26 Aug 2019

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‘Hillfort Heroes’ – Volunteer rangers show their metal at Iron Age landscapes

Dozens of National Trust volunteer rangers have spent three months unearthing an array of wildlife and rare archaeological finds at one of the most ancient sites in the UK.

Published : 20 Aug 2019