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Hambledon Hill, Dorset. The hill is a prehistoric hill fort and National Nature Reserve, situated in the Blackmore Vale, near Blandford Forum
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Full personal collection of photographs taken by Mercie Lack and Barbara Wagstaff at Sutton Hoo excavation digitised and online for the first time.

Serious amateur photographers with an interest in archaeology, Mercie Lack and Barbara Wagstaff, visited Sutton Hoo in the summer of 1939 and created an extraordinary record of one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time.

Published : 29 Sep 2021 Last update : 05 Jan 2022

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Wildlife left reeling by fires and storms – the 'new climate normal', warns the National Trust

Landscapes and wildlife across the UK are increasingly suffering the impacts of extreme weather events and natural disasters, says the National Trust.

Published : 23 Dec 2021 Last update : 24 Dec 2021

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Once-in-a-lifetime chance to spot rare hawfinch

This autumn may be the best chance to see some of the UK's most elusive birds, say National Trust experts.

Published : 01 Dec 2017 Last update : 17 Dec 2021

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National Trust announces René Olivieri as new Chair

The National Trust has today announced the appointment of René Olivieri as its new Chair.

Published : 15 Dec 2021

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‘Irreplaceable’ trees lost in Storm Arwen, says National Trust

Storm Arwen has caused severe damage to some of the UK’s most precious and unique trees, and to one of the world’s most prestigious gardens, according to the National Trust.

Published : 01 Dec 2021 Last update : 07 Dec 2021

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National Trust warns of “catastrophic” impact of tree and plant disease

British trees are under threat from an increase in the severity and frequency of diseases, the National Trust warned today.

Published : 07 Dec 2021

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National Trust begins research project with Time Team in the hope of shedding new light on Sutton Hoo

The discovery of an Anglo-Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo in 1939 not only stunned the archaeology world but set the scene for further exploration.

Published : 02 Dec 2021

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Some of the nation’s largest landowners make unprecedented pact to jointly tackle the climate and nature crises

The National Trust has brought together some of England’s largest landowners and managers together to sign up to a range of commitments to help the government meet its net zero ambitions and reverse environmental damage.

Published : 29 Nov 2021 Last update : 02 Dec 2021

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National Trust says it will no longer issue trail hunt licences

The National Trust’s board of trustees has today announced the charity will no longer issue licences for trail hunting on Trust land.

Published : 25 Nov 2021

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Planting trees at the right time of year – the time is now, says National Trust

With National Tree Week nearly upon us, the National Trust is today urging people across the country to either plant a tree or donate to a tree planting charity as prime tree planting season approaches. Planting trees is one of the simplest ways for nations to tackle the climate crisis because they sequester carbon dioxide.

Published : 23 Nov 2021

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Thermal imagery used for first time to help count seal pups on the National Trust’s Farne Islands

Thermal imagery from a drone will be used for the first time by rangers on the Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland to help verify seal pup numbers at one of the largest grey seal pup colonies in England.

Published : 16 Nov 2021

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Carriage driven by Victorian coachman is donated by great grandson to National Trust museum

A descendant of a Victorian coachman has given the carriage his great-grandfather once drove to the National Trust’s carriage museum at Arlington Court in Devon.

Published : 14 Nov 2021

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Anonymous donor enables special 18th-century portrait, listed for auction, to return home at eleventh-hour

A generous anonymous donation has allowed the National Trust to purchase an important 18th-century portrait and return it home to Wimpole in Cambridgeshire, with final agreements reached just days before it was due to be sold at auction.

Published : 11 Nov 2021

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First pup born at England’s largest grey seal colony on Blakeney Point

One of Norfolk’s annual winter wildlife spectacles is underway with the first grey seal pup spotted[1] at Blakeney National Nature Reserve, cared for by the National Trust, on the north Norfolk coastline, six days later than last year.

Published : 03 Nov 2021

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Results from the 2021 AGM

Record numbers of National Trust members cast their votes at the charity’s Annual General Meeting this year.

Published : 30 Oct 2021 Last update : 02 Nov 2021

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National Trust pledges half a billion pounds for conservation, with a member now joining every 23 seconds

The National Trust will invest almost half a billion pounds in conservation projects over the next three years, the charity’s Director-General will announce today.

Published : 30 Oct 2021

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Discovery of medieval tannery at Fountains Abbey surprises archaeologists and reveals remarkable new evidence of community that lived there

The largest tannery yet discovered at a monastic site in Britain has been identified at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire – revealing some remarkable new evidence about the community of monks and lay brothers who lived there.

Published : 22 Oct 2021 Last update : 27 Oct 2021

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Changing Chalk: partnership aims to breathe new life into ancient landscape with £2m grant

A habitat that is so diverse in wildlife it has been nicknamed ‘Europe’s tropical rainforest’ is to be brought back to life thanks to a multi-million-pound grant raised by players of the National Lottery.

Published : 15 Oct 2021