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Hambledon Hill, Dorset. The hill is a prehistoric hill fort and National Nature Reserve, situated in the Blackmore Vale, near Blandford Forum
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Going back to its roots – historic parkland to be restored to 19th Century heyday

The National Trust is piecing back together a 19th century landscape using a Victorian survey map and aerial photographs taken by the Royal Air Force after World War II.

Published : 07 May 2021

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National Trust puts the curves back into Lake District river to help flood-hit valley

The National Trust is embarking on one of its most ambitious river restoration projects to help flood-hit communities in the Ullswater valley and restore dwindling populations of wildlife.

Published : 05 May 2021

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National Trust maps out climate threat to coast, countryside and historic places

We have developed a “game changing” map that illustrates the threat climate change poses to some of its most iconic and culturally significant sites – and offers some solutions on how to tackle it.

Published : 05 Mar 2021 Last update : 04 May 2021

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National Trust recreates 17th-century ‘secret’ squirrel on rare Flemish tapestry

There’s a new addition to one of the National Trust’s rarest 17th-century tapestries, now back at Dyrham Park near Bath after specialist cleaning and repairs.

Published : 29 Apr 2021

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New wetlands better for wildlife and people as new engineering turns the clock back to pre-Victorian times

The National Trust is turning back the clock almost 200 years to tackle habitat and nature loss by handing low grade farmland back to a Cornish river.

Published : 27 Apr 2021

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National Trust encourages people to celebrate spring with UK’s first ever #BlossomWatch day

The National Trust is urging people to use the longer warmer days of spring and come together on social media to share their pictures as part of the charity’s first ever nationwide #BlossomWatch Day.

Published : 25 Apr 2021

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Work begins to fix footpaths on England’s highest mountain

Work is underway to repair paths and prevent damage to the landscape on one of the Lake District’s most popular walking routes at Scafell Pike.

Published : 23 Apr 2021

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‘Four hundred lungs breathing one fresh start’: crowd-sourced poem heralds arrival of longed-for spring

Hundreds of people have contributed to a new piece of nature poetry, published today, that reveals the nation’s feelings about the arrival of spring after a year living under coronavirus restrictions.

Published : 21 Apr 2021

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Great oaks from little acorns grow: National Trust marks 125 years since purchasing its first house – for £10

The National Trust is celebrating 125 years since it bought its first historic house – Alfriston Clergy House – and saved it for the nation.

Published : 15 Apr 2021

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His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

The National Trust is deeply saddened by the news of the death of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Published : 09 Apr 2021

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National Trust launches ‘grow-along’ to help home gardeners grow their own plastic-free kitchen sponges

The National Trust is launching a new ‘grow-along’ to help people grow their own loofahs, which can be used as a sustainable alternative to plastic washing up sponges.

Published : 08 Apr 2021

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National Trust sheepdog finds his sea legs for commute to nature reserve

A sea-faring sheepdog has been recruited by the National Trust to help look after flocks of rare breed sheep on a remote spit of land off the Suffolk coast. 

Published : 07 Apr 2021

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121-year-old chocolate commissioned by Queen Victoria discovered in Boer War helmet case

Chocolate commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1900, still within its original wrapper and tin, has been discovered in a Boer War helmet case in the attic of the National Trust’s Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk.

Published : 30 Mar 2021

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National Trust’s plans for 20 million ‘right trees in right places’ take root

The National Trust has planted thousands of young saplings in areas across the UK as part of its ambitions to attract more wildlife, create new homes for nature, protect landscapes prone to flooding and to help in the fight against climate change.

Published : 29 Mar 2021 Last update : 30 Mar 2021

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Colossal marble fireplace in room designed for royalty to be saved from water damage by conservator’s work

The spectacular Drawing Room at Cragside in Northumberland is undergoing urgent work by the National Trust to save it from rainwater damaging the building.

Published : 26 Mar 2021

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National Trust re-introduces beavers to South East England site after Somerset success

The National Trust has just released two beavers on the edge of the South Downs into a 15 hectare fenced area making it the second licensed release of this fascinating mammal by the conservation charity in the last 15 months.

Published : 24 Mar 2021 Last update : 25 Mar 2021

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Crowd-sourced nature poem to capture first day of long-awaited spring

People across the UK have the chance to contribute to a new piece of nature writing today to mark the official arrival of spring – Saturday 20 March.

Published : 19 Mar 2021

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Britons report ‘massive boost’ in nature connection since pandemic started, as #BlossomWatch gets underway

With this spring likely to be the most anticipated in living memory, the National Trust is inviting people wherever they live to emulate Japan’s Hanami – the ancient tradition of viewing and celebrating blossom - with its #BlossomWatch campaign.

Published : 17 Mar 2021