A green future: our partnership with BMW i

The BMW 3i electric car

Through a new partnership between the National Trust and electric car manufacturer BMW i, we’re making greener travel options easier when you visit our places.

The National Trust looks after hundreds of places that help you and your family get closer to
nature, where you can soak up summer colour in wildflower meadows or take in bracing winds on clifftop paths.

Your support means we can look after them for future generations to enjoy – and that care involves protecting the natural environment.

On the right track

As a conservation charity, we’re committed to managing the effect humans have on the
world around us. It’s an aim we share with our new partner BMW i – the electric car division of BMW. The all-electric version of the BMW i3 produces zero carbon emissions when driving, and has been manufactured and designed with nature in mind. By working with BMW i, we want to help to make greener travel options more widespread.

Both BMW i and the National Trust have ambitious plans for this first year of the partnership. One of our aims is to extend the Trust’s growing network of charging points across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, meaning that if you drive an electric car you can charge up at more Trust places while you visit. We hope that by expanding our charging point network, we can play our part in changing the perception that electric cars are only suitable for short journeys and encourage their use to become more widespread.

We see electric vehicles as an important part of a sustainable future
The BMW i3 electric car at one of our places
We see electric vehicles as an important part of a sustainable future

Positive changes

‘Currently it is hard to reach some of our wonderful places other than by car,’ says Patrick Begg, the Trust’s Director of Outdoors and Natural Resources. ‘Our partnership with BMW i, supporting lower impact car travel, is one way that we can all do our bit to look after our environment.’

You can already charge your electric car at 30 Trust places. The new partnership means we can add more to the list. See the article below for regularly updated information on where we’ll be installing new electric vehicle charging points.

Visionary sustainability 

The BMW i3 is constructed using many recycled materials and its production line is powered by renewable energy sources. The doors are made from recycled plastic bottles, while the seats use recycled bottles along with a fibre crop (kenaf), the key is made using castor bean oil, and the leather interior is tanned using natural extracts from olive leaves. BMW i have also set new benchmarks in reducing the environmental impacts of vehicle manufacturing processes, as the new BMW i is up to 85 per cent recyclable. 

‘This exciting new partnership with the National Trust will help us promote our joint interest in reducing our environmental impact,’ says Suzie Hunter, Partnerships Manager for BMW i.

‘We are looking forward to helping Trust members learn more about sustainable travel options, and showing how the BMW i3 is inspired by the natural world.’

Follow the link at the bottom of this page to book your 24-hour BMW i3 test drive.

The BMW 3i at one of our places

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