Results from the 2021 AGM

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Published : 30 Oct 2021 Last update : 02 Nov 2021

Record numbers of National Trust members cast their votes at the charity’s Annual General Meeting this year.

More than 130,000 members shared their views on seven resolutions and elected six people to join the National Trust Council. This year’s voting turn-out was about 2% of the charity’s 5.6m total membership.

A summary of the results are as follows, with a detailed breakdown here:

Resolution 1. Curatorial expertise – not carried (54,708 for / 57,164 against)

Resolution 2. Trail hunting – carried (76,816 for / 38,184 against)

Resolution 3. Defibrillators at properties – carried (59,370 for / 55,602 against)

Resolution 4. Senior staff remuneration – carried (120,131 for / 4,179 against)

Resolution 5. Overcrowding at properties – carried (66,640 for / 16,471 against)

Resolution 6. Volunteer management – not carried (56,267 for / 59,015 against)

Resolution 7. Digital futures – carried (106,139 for. 6,962 against)

Trustees will consider the outcomes of the resolutions later this autumn before updating members.

A Trust spokesperson said: “We would like to thank all our members who voted on the resolutions and for new Council members. The Board of Trustees will reflect on the outcomes and we will be back in touch with members through our usual communications materials, including member emails and the magazine, in the coming weeks.”

Members have also chosen six people to join the National Trust Council – the governing body which appoints trustees and helps to monitor and support their work.

The Council is made up of 36 members who have a range of expertise in everything from education and agriculture to nature and the built environment.

Following the vote, the members joining the Council are:

Min Grimshaw (43,536 votes, elected)

Sarah Green (37,246 votes, re-elected)

Caroline Kay (35,885 votes, re-elected)

Andrew Powles (35,003 votes, elected)

Guy Trehane (34,573 votes, re-elected)

Sandy Nairne (34,402 votes, elected)

A National Trust spokesperson said: “We would like to thank members for electing six candidates to the Council. The Council plays an important part in how the National Trust is governed and its members are committed to upholding the charity’s values and supporting its work, in particular through the appointment of trustees and the Chair.”

Meanwhile recruitment for the National Trust’s new Chair continues. The closing date for applicants was October 10 and the charity’s independent search consultants, Odgers Berndtson, has now drawn up a long list of candidates for consideration by the National Trust Council’s Nominations Committee. The new Chair is expected to be announced at the end of this year.

The full resolution results can be read here:

Hilary McGrady's AGM 2021 speech (PDF / 0.2MB) download

Orna NiChionna Turner's AGM 2021 speech (PDF / 0.1MB) download

Paul Roberts' AGM 2021 speech (PDF / 0.1MB) download