Castell Penrhyn

Important notice -

The Castle will be open as usual today. However, there will be limited access to some areas of the grounds and gardens to clear recent storm damage. Thank you for your patience and support.

Mwy am y lle hwn

Upcoming events

Penrhyn parkrun

Sat 21 Oct 2017
Take part in a free 5km timed run around the gardens every Saturday morning.

Early bird castle tours: Delve into the detail

Sat 21 Oct 2017
Take advantage of new morning tours to explore the finer details behind Penrhyn through its architecture, collection and history.

Family Halloween Fun - The Rook Wood mystery

Sat 21 Oct 2017
The rooks have left the woods and moved into the castle, an omen of bad fortune...or is there something more sinister driving them away? Help us find out why...before it's too late!

Beginners & Continuers running group

Sun 22 Oct 2017
Join a friendly running group in the grounds of Penrhyn Castle. No matter what your ability or fitness level, you can enjoy walking, jogging & running, inspired by the beautiful views! Our lovely Run Leaders will support you every step of the way.

Christmas wreath making sessions

Sat 02 Dec 2017
Start a new Christmas tradition by joining the Wild Elements team to learn the basics of making simple traditional Christmas wreaths using natural materials from around the castle.

A Penrhyn Christmas

Sat 02 Dec 2017
Get away from it all this holiday season and leave the high street far behind as we invite you to join us for Christmas and start a new tradition with us.
People running outdoors at Kingston Lacy

Symudwch i’r Awyr Agored yng Nghastell Penrhyn

Mae’n hawdd mynd amdani yng Nghastell Penrhyn gyda digon o weithgareddau rheolaidd ar gael.

Castell Penrhyn

Ein gwaith

Cwch arbennig i ddenu’r gwenyn, gydag aroglau cŵyr gwenyn yng Ngardd Furiog Castell Penrhyn

Newyddion gwenyn Castell Penrhyn: Mehefin 2017 

Cymdogion swnllyd, gwobrau cenedlaethol a chogyddion amlwg – cyfle i glywed hanesion diweddaraf Katie a’i genod yn yr Ardd Furiog.

Castell Penrhyn

Bwyta a siopa

Castell Penrhyn


Yr Ardd Gorsiog yng Nghastell Penrhyn, gogledd Cymru

Casglwyr Planhigion Oes Fictoria a Chastell Penrhyn 

Beth am ddysgu mwy am y planhigion egsotig sydd yn yr ardd?

Castell Penrhyn

Cymryd rhan

Gwirfoddoli yng Nghastell Penrhyn

Ymuno â’r tîm 

Dewch yn rhan o’n gwaith yma ym Mhenrhyn. Gwnewch ffrindiau newydd, dysgwch am y stad a gwirfoddolwch gyda’r Ymddiriedolaeth Genedlaethol.

Castell Penrhyn


Plant yn dysgu yn y Gegin Fictoraidd

Profwch ffordd wahanol o ddysgu 

Dewch i brofi bywyd go iawn y castell gyda’n digwyddiadau hanes byw, dysgwch am stori’r castell gyda thaith drwy’r tŷ neu dewch ar daith ysgol i fwynhau ymweliad addysgiadol â’n lle arbennig.

Castell Penrhyn

Celf a chasgliadau

Ein casgliadau

Mae Castell Penrhyn yn llawn creiriau a gwaith celf anhygoel. Dewch i ddarganfod mwy amdanyn nhw ar wefan Casgliadau yr Ymddiriedolaeth Genedlaethol.