Castell Penrhyn a'r Ardd

Castell Penrhyn a'r Ardd

Pethau i'w gwneud a'u gweld

Castell Penrhyn a'r Ardd


Upcoming events

Wild nature!

Mon 22 Jul 2019
Family fun activity days in the garden. Every Monday during the summer - lets get wild!

Summer Garden Trail

Mon 22 Jul 2019
Using your senses to explore the garden, experience nature from a different perspective as we delve into the wonderful world of trees.

Wild Nature: Senses

Mon 22 Jul 2019
Join the Wild Elements team in using your senses to explore the garden. What is that smell? :)

Fun and games...

Thu 25 Jul 2019
Join us for a host of sporting activities to try, every Thursday during the summer.

Voices stage: Musical Workshops

Sun 28 Jul 2019
Let your inner composer out! Join us for special musical workshops and performances.

Wild Nature: Our Voices

Mon 29 Jul 2019
Express your voice in nature by making a nature diary cover out of natural materials. Become closer to nature by hugging a tree, and give wildlife a helping hand by making seed bombs to take home.
A guitar in the trees, symbolising the Voices Musical Workshops at Penrhyn Castle

Dydd Sul: Gweithdai Cerdd 'Llwyfan Lleisiau'

Ymunwch ag Eve Goodman ac Elin Taylor am gyfres o weithdai cerdd, wedi’u hysbrydoli gan leisiau byd natur a’r coed o’n cwmpas.

Castell Penrhyn a'r Ardd

Bwyta a siopa

Castell Penrhyn a'r Ardd


Chwarel Lechi’r Penrhyn gan Henry Hawkins (1820-81) yng Nghastell Penrhyn, Gogledd Cymru.

Castell Penrhyn a Streic Fawr Chwarel y Penrhyn, 1900-03 

Cewch ddysgu mwy am hanes Streic Fawr Chwarel y Penrhyn 1900-03, yr anghydfod diwydiannol hiraf yn hanes Prydain.

Castell Penrhyn a'r Ardd

Ein gwaith

Snowdrops at Penrhyn Castle on a beautiful winter's day

Flushed with success at Penrhyn Castle 

How a new collaborative energy project could stop energy going down the drain at Penrhyn Castle.

Castell Penrhyn a'r Ardd

Cymryd rhan

Gwirfoddoli yng Nghastell Penrhyn

Ymuno â’r tîm 

Dewch yn rhan o’n gwaith yma ym Mhenrhyn. Gwnewch ffrindiau newydd, dysgwch am y stad a gwirfoddolwch gyda’r Ymddiriedolaeth Genedlaethol.

Castell Penrhyn a'r Ardd

Celf a chasgliadau

Ein casgliadau

Mae Castell Penrhyn a'r Ardd yn llawn creiriau a gwaith celf anhygoel. Dewch i ddarganfod mwy amdanyn nhw ar wefan Casgliadau yr Ymddiriedolaeth Genedlaethol.